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Nutratech’s Orlisol is a unique dietary supplement designed and formulated to help users inhibit the absorption and storage of carbohydrates and fat. It has been carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients to provide customers with a herbal, legal, over the counter alternative to Orlistat / Xenical and other prescription only weight loss medications. Customers are raving about Orlistol’s fat and carb blocking properties and reviews are showing off some incredible before and after results from our happy customers.

If you have a diet or a metabolism particularly effected by carbohydrates give Nutratech Health’s Orlistol diet pills a shot today, with a 30 day satisfaction and money back guarantee you don’t have anything to lose except those pesky extra pounds!

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3 reviews for Nutratech Orlistol Carb Blocker
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    I decided to bite and try out this product recognizing that I’m a fat and carb addict and could possibly benefit more than your average stay at home mommy from a ‘carbohydrate blocking and inhibitor’ type product (I’m prone to white bread binges and other carbohydrate over indulgence)

    Didn’t expect too much but I definitely am impressed after finishing my first 2 months of this weight loss supplement.

    10 out 10 and that means something coming from a stern critic like me! Check it out ladies if you love your carbs and are putting on the fat as you age like me!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    I had very little faith in this product, not because of the company itself but because I don’t really buy the whole concept of carb and fat blocking, and there’s new carb blockers coming out each day.

    I must say that I have to bite my lip and ego, this was one of the best supplements I’ve tried for the price and coming from a huge skeptic like that me that really means a lot.

    No idea how this works but I’m not going to complain or ask questions… time to go eat some bread muhaha.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Super strong appetite suppresant, but I had headaches from it… I guess its not really orlistols fault for that because anyone is going to get headaches when they are forgetting to eat and their blood sugar is rebalancing, but the fact I had to stop taking it because it was so strong was a big bummer. 4.5/5 if not for the headahce side effects. – Thawk

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